3 Main Blackjack Strategies

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“Doubling”- How To Use This Blackjack Strategy

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This strategy, that reminds classical roulette martingale, pays for itself at 99%, on conditions that a player owns rather big startup capital and has an opportunity to make unlimited bets. If the bets are kept in pre-established limits, this strategy has a small chance of success, but anyway, it increases your winning chances.

For the first time a player makes the minimal stake, which is fixed at his table. If you lose, you double your initial stake for the next round. If you lose again, you should double your stake one more time for the third round. It continues, until the player wins. When the number of stakes is not limited, you will certainly win in one of the rounds. In some cases it can happen, that you will not be able to double a stake because of the restrictions, established at this table.

Let us consider it by giving an example: you play at the table with stakes from 1 to 10$. Your first stake will be 1$ (If you follow the strategy of “Doubling”). If you lose, your second stake will be 2$. One more loss, you stake 4$. If you win, the aggregate amount of all three rounds will be +1$ in your favour. At any round of this strategy the winning of the next set will bring you profit at the rate of your initial stake.

But the following situation is also possible: you stake 1$, then 2$, 4, 8 and ultimately you lose, and you are not allowed to double a stake, because the maximum bet at this table is 10$. In this case, all that you can say is – four rounds in succession are lost, it means, that it is a case of the wheel of fortune at the moment, and now you should not play further. It is better to continue tomorrow, when, maybe, you will have much more luck.

“A Pursuit” – Simple But Risky Approach

It is rather a risky strategy, but it proves its value very often. Besides, it does not presuppose any restrictions. The strategy includes the following: at the beginning of the game, a player determines for himself the minimal and maximal stakes, which he wants to make. He stakes the minimum bet for the first round (you can stake the maximum one – what if you will be lucky).

All the following bets depend only on the result of the previous round like in online video slots games – if the preceding game is lost, the player stakes the minimal bet on the next round. If the previous one is won, the player stakes his maximum bet. Thus, this strategy minimizes your loss in the series of failures, and maximizes your winning when you have luck. But, this strategy can let you down, if you win only one time.

“Careful Pursuit” – Measured Card Strategy

This strategy is a bit modified version of the previous one. If you feel that the series if your winnings will not be too long, then you would better, pursue this strategy. The main idea of it, like in the previous one, is that you chose minimum and maximum stakes, besides you identify the average bet.

As in the previous strategy, after the loss, you stake the minimal bet on the next round. But it is more complicated with the winnings: you stake the maximum bet after the first winning, the average one after the second, and you stake the minimal one after the third round (because the possibility to win the fourth time in succession is quite small). If you also win in the fourth time, you stake the minimal bet again and so on, till the next series of winnings (or maybe, you should begin using the previous strategy). It is this succession of the stakes, which gives so-called “care” to this strategy.

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All these strategies and tips need practice. Only then you can play blackjack for money and win with pleasure. So, take your chances and play smart.