Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Privacy Policy

My privacy policy is short, direct, and to-the-point.

I do use an analytics program. Like most websites, we keep up with how many visitors we receive, where they come from, what their ip address is, etc. This is pretty standard stuff, but I guess you should be aware of it. I don't know how to mis-use any of this information anyway. Mostly, I like to have this information in order to better plan future posts--when I can see what phrases someone typed into Google or Bing to find my site, I can get a feel for what people are interested in reading about, and then I can write content accordingly.

I don't collect personal data. I don't include  contact email address on the site for a reason--I don't want your email address or any other personally identifiable information. If somehow I do receive any personal information from you, I'll only use it to contact you in return. I hate spammers as much as anybody.

I don't use cookies. I think my hosting service uses cookies as part of their log file analysis stuff, and I might occasionally run advertising--those advertisers might use cookies. But me--I don't have any interest in tracking your habits via cookies. (I think Wordpress might use cookies, too--I'm not sure.)

I think this might be one of the shortest privacy policies on the Internet. We're well under 300 words here.

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