Recommended Blackjack Websites Recommended Blackjack Websites

Here's a list of blackjack strategy pages that I recommend. I've sifted through hundreds (maybe thousands) of Internet pages and sites to try to find quality information to recommend. I've tended toward listing math-heavy resources, because those are often the most useful pages, and they're also less likely to contain an excessive amount of extraneous advertising.

Blackjack Betting Systems and Strategies: The Mathematics Behind the Game

An academic article from Kirk Conrad and Brandon Smith. They do a good job of explaining how the math affects various blackjack betting systems and strategies.

Blackjack Probability Lesson Plan

This one is a lesson plan for match teachers who want to incorporate blackjack into their math lessons.

Classic Party Games for Seniors

A PDF file with a list of resources of use to people planning events to seniors. One of the games they recommend for seniors is--you guess it--blackjack.

The Kelly Criterion in Blackjack and Sports Betting

The Kelly Criterion is a mathematical way of determining how much of a gambler's bankroll should be risked in order to maximize profits while minimizing the chances of going broke because of standard deviation (bad luck).

The Mathematics of the Movie 21

I enjoyed this page because it focuses on mathematical ideas from the movie 21 that DON'T relate to card counting. The author's opinion is that other websites already do a good job of explaining the math behind card counting, so why not cover some other topics?

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All these strategies and tips need practice. Only then you can play blackjack for money and win with pleasure. So, take your chances and play smart.